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A film contest people might be interested in

Hi everyone,
Please don't delete this – it isn't spam. I'm just posting here because I thought it's something that would be of interest to the members of the group, since you're all fans of the genius that is Richard Linklater.

FairVote recently launched its Upgrade Democracy video contest, which asks participants to submit a short video to YouTube answering the question 'If you could change anything you wanted about elections, what would our democracy look like?'. First prize is $2000 and a trip to DC, and our panel of celebrity judges includes Richard Linklater, so it's certainly worth it.

If you want more information or want to register your interest, you can visit fairvoteorg's LJ profile, www.upgradedemocracy.com, or email upgradedemocracy@fairvote.org.

Thanks so much for reading and we hope to see some entries from you guys soon!
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