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before sunrise sequel

"richard linklater making sunrise sequel
(source: variety 17.08.2003)

castle rock entertainment and filmmaker richard linklater will reteam with ethan hawke and julie delpy this fall to make a followup to linklater's 1995 romance, before sunrise.

budgeted at less than $10 million, the untitled film will shoot this fall in paris. it's a likely candidate for release through warner bros. pictures' classics division.

in the original, young american jesse (hawke) and french student celine (delpy) meet on a train in europe. they take a side trip to vienna that lasts just one night, but the twentysomethings discover they have an intense connection. it comes to a bittersweet end when they part at the train station the next morning.

in the sequel, it's nine years later and jesse is on the french leg of the book tour for his novel when he finds celine once more.

before sunrise is my favourite film of linklater's so the prospect of a sequel is very exciting for me. what do others think?
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oh most lovely day! it's about time.
I'd definitely see it.

I'd also see a sequel to my favorite Linklater film, Dazed and Confused. With most of the principals of that movie more famous, it seems unlikely, though.
before sunrise changed my life. i was in first year of uni when i saw it, in a shabby old art house cinema in hull. the week before i was to go home, after my first yr away. and it literally changed my life. i knew i wanted to be a film maker, but in 94/95 i'd been more and more disillusioned with the blanket applause for, what i class as, the emperor's new clothes, tarantino and his ilk.
then came before sunrise. where nothing really happens. where he dialogue is so genuine. there's an 8 1/2 minute single shot, their first Q&A session in the tram in vienna, for ****'s sake!!!
i knew, then, that there were films being made that i wanted to make. once i got over the pain of seeing the movie i'd always wanted to make done gazillions of times better by rick and co, i got to work.
thanks rick! and a sequel. i just can't wait. i hope its as understated and calm and genuine as the first.
Although, I am really interested in seeing how it is done, and I would go see it, it just seems to me that the beauty of the film is that you DON"T know what happens. That the two of them have this beautiful night and you never know if they see each other again. i can see that it would be amazing either way, but i have fears that it would ruin what was laid forth in Before Sunrise its self.
any more new info on this? i just saw before sunrise today and was complaining at the end that there needed to be a sequel, and then i was searching imdb for any new ethan movies and oh to my surprise i saw before sunset. needless to say my heart skipped a few beats. the most info i've found is a june 2004 release.
before sunset clips!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!